Sep 28 2013

Balanced Diet Menu; Soft Food


People who have dental problems or have undergone surgery are the ones that find soft food to be suitable for themselves. Another category can be for those who are unable to chew their food efficiently. Taking soft food does not mean that one is subjected to not enjoy what the balanced diet menu has to offer.
Soft foods are easy to chew and swallow and this means that they can be consumed by the above category of people. The following set of information is meant to guide one on how to fully enjoy the balanced diet menu despite the fact that the menu is composed of the soft foods.

Soft food balanced diet menu; breakfast

Many people do not get the time to enjoy their breakfast due to the many reasons such as getting to work late or getting bored with the daily intake of the bread for breakfast. There are many ways that one undertake to improvise on the breakfast balanced diet menu. For breakfast, one can opt for the eggs, yogurt, oatmeal and cottage cheese. A homemade juice can also substitute the coffee.
Instead of taking the solid fruits, one can make use of the blender to have the juice. The eggs can either be scrambled, sunny side up or have them as an omelet.

Soft food balanced diet menu; lunch

balanced diet menu
For the soft food balanced diet menu, one can have soup together with a sandwich. During cooking, one has to ensure that the vegetables are soft enough. Another alternative for lunch can be corn and clam chowders ensuring that the potatoes are peeled off the skin and the vegetables are soft. Miso soup is a well-known appetizer and can serve as a soft food because of its composition; soft tofu, chopped green onions and sliced seaweed.
One can also have spinach with cheese quiche as another option for lunch. For the sandwich, one can have an egg or chicken salad on bread. The bread has to be crust less, soft and untoasted. All the above serve as a balanced diet menu that one can comfortably adapt.

Soft food balanced diet menu; dinner

Dinner has to be the lightest meal of the day and small in portions. In order to observe the balanced diet menu, one can start with a vegetable soup that should be composed of the carrots, broccoli together with peas. The vegetables are supposed to be soft.
The vegetable soup can be served with creamed spinach, mashed potatoes and gravy. The best choice for potatoes should be russet over the red potatoes as they can be peeled off easily.

Soft food balanced diet menu; dessert

Dessert can also be enjoyed together with the soft food. This favors the people who are in love with the ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet, custards or mousse. Weight watchers’ ice cream is advisable as a dessert to those individuals who are on low-fat and low-calorie diet. Snacks are to be taken in between the meals. One can either have pudding, jello with whip cream or cottage cheese as a snack

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